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We are the first company to offer this unique service and have been in high demand since our launch in 2006.

Dealer Dolls is a unique Casino Party Rental and Event planning Service Company based in Los Angeles California, and has been owned and operated by women for the past 13 years.

With an incredible team of all women Dealers, we have helped raise over a Million Dollars between hundreds of charities across the state. We bring a professional, classy, and personal energy which is unique to each event. Along with our in house hired and trained female dealers by Jodi and her 5 star team, they bring a unique sisterhood energy to each of the events, no matter the size.

Our Events have ranged from private home parties to airport hangers and multiple events with Space X and their thousands of guests, the Space Shuttle Endeavor and set up underneath the Shuttle, Red Carpet events for top Brand Companies in and around the Country, and Celebrity private Parties and launches and some of the top Charities and foundations in the nations.

Each with the same attention to detail from beginning until end, and the event having an incredible outcome each and every time. With our custom draped red and black velvet tables, and our new exciting event services we offer, Dealer Dolls is sure to help create and make your event stand out from the rest with our Elite team of talent.


Los Angeles, California

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