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Texas Hold'em

Fun Facts: My brother’s and I like to call ourselves oreo cookies, because we are mixed half black, half white! I’m originally from Iowa, but went to school in Florida. So I got the best of both worlds small Midwest towns to big cities. I love to be active and try something new that I have never done before! I believe change is great that way you experience a lot and don’t get to comfortable; the world has so much to offer. I enjoy all sports from football, basketball, swimming, skiing, surfing, hiking with my dog… basically anything that will make me sweat! I absolutely love to travel and will travel the whole world one day… I am a family person and would be nowhere with out the support of my amazing family and friends. I am very outgoing, full of smiles and laughs, and will make sure that you have an amazingly fun time at your next poker game!

Dealer Dolls bring true “Vegas” to your event providing our own tables and supplies. Plus, we have beautiful bartenders, cocktail waitresses, cigarette dolls, and even authentic showgirls to provide that touch of extra glamour.

Our dolls are experienced and Fun

Our dolls are experienced and Fun