Dealer Dolls

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Fun Facts: I have been a member of SAG for 15 years and love acting and discovering and creating a character. The creative process is an amazing journey inward and very rewarding to bring those characters to life. I also have a passion for wine. I love discovering new vinos and believe wine making is an art in itself. I just received my Court of Masters Sommelier Pin for Level 1 and work in the wine industry as well. Pretty fun life! Favorite Music: French Jazz, Hotel Costes Radio on Pandora, Duke Ellington and Etta James, and pretty much anything danceable!

Dealer Dolls bring true “Vegas” to your event providing our own tables and supplies. Plus, we have beautiful bartenders, cocktail waitresses, cigarette dolls, and even authentic showgirls to provide that touch of extra glamour.

Our dolls are experienced and Fun

Our dolls are experienced and Fun